how it works

1. Become a Member:

Sign up to become a Future Stars Sponsorship Program member. Registration is quick, easy, and entirely free. Upon registration, you'll gain access to your personalized “Magic Link”. This is a tool that can be shared via text, email or social media platforms to inform your prospects about the program.

2. Share the Program:

Spread the word about the Future Stars Sponsorship Program to potential sponsors within your network. Enlighten them about the benefits of the program and collect contact information from interested parties. Contact info can be submitted via our website or through your personalized Magic Link.

3. KickFees Takes the Lead:

Once you've made a referral, the experienced team at KickFees will take care of the rest. As a merchant services company, they handle credit card processing for businesses. This includes opening the account, sending necessary equipment, and providing ongoing account servicing.

4. Zero Cost:

The best part? Athletes and sponsors incur zero costs to participate in the program. Thanks to KickFees' dedication to leading the industry, your referred businesses could pay less than their current payment processing fees or, incredibly, eliminate these costs entirely! We believe in creating a win-win situation for all parties involved.

5. Bi-Weekly Residual Payments:

As soon as KickFees begins processing payments for the referred account, you, as the referral partner, will receive a bonus as well as bi-weekly residual payments. Watch your earnings grow as your referred accounts continue their transactions. Your earning potential is limitless!

Joining the Future Stars Sponsorship Program is a fantastic way to leverage your network and earn residual income without any financial commitment. Ready to get started? Sign up today and embark on a rewarding journey with Future Stars and KickFees.