how it works

For Athletes

Future Stars Sponsorship Program partnered with Lowcountry Payment Processing. Lowcountry Payment Processing is a merchant services provider that handles credit card processing for businesses around the country. At LPP, the sales staff make monthly residual income from their open accounts. Each month, they receive a percentage of profits from each of their accounts, paid to them for the life of that account. So why can’t athletes do this too? Obviously, we don’t intend to train each athlete (or parent) to be a salesperson and learn the business. But why not bring them on as a referral partner so they can collect residual payments? It’s as simple as explaining the program to a potential sponsor and collecting some contact info. The LPP team will handle opening the account, sending equipment, and servicing the account. It costs athletes and sponsors nothing. Lowcountry Payment Processing covers all costs associated with onboarding the account and providing the necessary equipment. After LPP starts processing the payments, we send the residual payments to the athlete monthly.

For Sponsors

As a business owner, there is always someone with their hand out asking you for support. Many will pitch their idea as a marketing expense, but advertising should generate more income. Writing a check to support your friend’s son’s athletic endeavors may get your logo on a t-shirt. But it probably won’t generate an income. So, although you’d love to give them thousands of dollars, maybe a hundred bucks is all you can comfortably contribute. With the Future Stars Sponsorship program, you can contribute thousands of dollars and never have to write a check!

By allowing LPP to handle your credit card processing account, your sponsored athlete will receive contributions on your behalf every month. It’s that simple.

Your processing rate will never be higher than what it is now. LPP guarantees to match or beat your current rate. With their Cash Discount program, you even have the option to eliminate your processing fees completely!

In addition to being cost and risk-free, your company will become an official sponsor of the athlete/team you choose. This could result in your logo placement on cars, gear, apparel, and mentions in podcasts, TV, or social media posts. But more importantly than that, you can make a real difference in the lives of these competitors. For more details, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.