About The Program

The Future Stars Sponsorship Program was developed in partnership with Lowcountry Payment Processing, a merchant services provider. We created this program to give athletes a fighting chance at success. Our members have a unique opportunity. They can build a steady stream of incoming revenue to cover costs and potentially make their sport profitable. But the best part is that it won’t cost their sponsors a dime. In most cases, they will actually save money!

Rather than asking for donations, we bring on new sponsors by simply becoming their credit card processing provider. Each month, the sponsored athlete receives residual income from the profits.

Athletes founded this program, and they run it today! The founder, Doug Stewart Jr, is no stranger to the constant need for sponsorship funding. Doug came from a family of racing drivers and motorsports enthusiasts and followed in his father’s footsteps.

He was behind the wheel of a racing car before he was legally allowed to drive on the road. Doug started in drag racing, then motorcycles, and eventually formula cars. He has competed at all levels, from amateur to pro, and won multiple championships. Doug no longer competes for points championships. But, he still coaches young drivers and competes in races occasionally with PCA and SCCA to stay sharp. Doug is also a professional physique competitor in the WBFF. The amount of money required to stay competitive in both sports is overwhelming.

Doug has devoted countless hours to securing the funding necessary to remain competitive. He managed to find success in both racing and bodybuilding. The lack of financial support ultimately led to his retirement from competing for championships. When his son, Parker, decided to pursue a career in racing, Doug scoured the internet looking for sponsorship programs. It quickly became apparent that options were in short supply to help his son advance in the sport. Doug soon realized the possibilities were limited, and the existing ones had minimal benefits.

Every year fees associated with competitions increase. Training, equipment, transportation, and lodging are necessary costs for competing athletes. It’s not enough to be the most talented person in your sport. You have to be able to afford the required training and equipment to stay competitive. You have to be able to participate in the event.

“I found a few programs that give athletes a platform to ask for donations. But why would anyone donate? What’s in it for the sponsor?” asked Doug. “I wanted to give potential sponsors an incentive to support an athlete.” What better way than to make it completely free?

With this new, unprecedented business model, Future Stars is proud to be able to give all athletes a chance they might otherwise not have. We support athletes with ambitions of one day driving in Nascar or F1. We have athletes who aim to compete in the Olympics or ride in the Tour de France. These are only lofty dreams without the necessary funding to achieve them. With the Future Stars Sponsorship Program, athletes at all levels have the means to pursue their dreams.