About Us:
Empowering Athletes, Fueling Dreams

Welcome to the Future Stars Sponsorship Program, a groundbreaking initiative developed in collaboration with KickFees, a leading merchant services provider. Our mission is to level the playing field for athletes by alleviating the financial burden often associated with competitive sports.

Our Unique Opportunity:

We offer athletes a unique opportunity to build a steady stream of incoming revenue, covering essential costs and potentially turning their sport into a profitable venture. The best part? It won't cost their sponsors a dime. In fact, in most cases, sponsors may find themselves saving money.

How It Works:

Instead of traditional donation requests, we approach sponsors by becoming their credit card processing provider. Each month, sponsored athletes receive residual income derived from the profits, creating a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship.

Athlete-Centric Leadership:

Athletes founded and continue to run this program. Our founder, Doug Stewart Jr., intimately understands the challenges of securing sponsorship funding. Hailing from a family of racing enthusiasts, Doug's passion for motorsports led him to compete at all levels, winning multiple championships. Today, he coaches young drivers, occasionally races, and is a professional physique competitor.

Doug's personal journey highlighted the overwhelming financial requirements to stay competitive, ultimately leading to his retirement from championship racing. When his son, Parker, entered the racing scene, Doug recognized the limited options available for aspiring athletes.

A Vision for Change:

Frustrated with the scarcity of viable sponsorship programs, Doug envisioned a platform that would not only support athletes at all levels but also provide meaningful benefits to sponsors. The result? A revolutionary business model that makes sponsorship completely free for sponsors while empowering athletes with newfound opportunities.

Empowering Dreams, One Athlete at a Time:

Future Stars is proud to offer athletes, from aspiring Nascar and F1 drivers to Olympic hopefuls and Tour de France enthusiasts, the means to pursue their dreams. In a landscape where fees soar and the cost of competition continues to rise, we stand committed to providing a chance for every athlete, regardless of their level, to achieve greatness.

Join us at Future Stars, where ambition meets opportunity, and athletes are empowered to reach new heights. Together, we're transforming dreams into reality.