Q: How do I sign up to become a sponsored athlete?

A: Just click on the link (link to Become A Sponsored Athlete) on our home page. You will be contacted by a representative and a login will be created for you. From there, you will be able to submit your potential sponsors’ info, view existing sponsors, have access to program information and be able to contact your representative.

Q: How much time will I have to invest in the program?

A: That is entirely up to you. We recommend a quick training call with your representative when becoming a member which takes about 30 minutes. During this call, we just want to make sure you understand how to speak intelligently to your potential sponsors about the program. After that, it’s just a matter of you mentioning to business owners that they have an option to sponsor you without spending a dime. We will handle the rest.

Q: What type of businesses can we bring on as sponsors?

A: Any business who accepts credit cards. It’s that simple. It can be retail, restaurant, online, service businesses, etc. If they accept credit cards as payment, they can sponsor an athlete at no cost to them.

Q: Where am I required to display my sponsors’ logos?

A: That is handled between the athlete and their sponsors. We do have an editable sponsorship agreement that our athletes are welcome to use. If a sponsor requires specific criteria to be met (logo placement, social media tags, etc.), it can all be outlined in this agreement. But Future Stars does not have a requirement. But we do encourage our athletes to display the Future Stars logo and tag us in their social media posts.

Q: What if a business wants to sponsor me but doesn’t accept credit cards?

A: They have two options. They could start accepting credit cards by opening an account with us. Or they could simply pay you a donation. Our website is not set up yet to accept donations for our athletes. But it is something we have been discussing so it may become available in the future. There are already platforms that exist where athletes can ask for donations but they will charge you a fee. That was not our vision when we created Future Stars.

Q: When will I receive payments from my sponsors?

A: Your sponsors aren’t the ones who actually pay you. This program is free for them, remember? Future Stars pays their athletes monthly on your sponsor’s behalf from the profits on their accounts. Payments are made about 30 days after the month ends. For example….any payments owed for the month of January will be sent to you around March 1st.

Q: For how long will I receive monthly payments from my sponsors? What if I stop competing in my sport?

A: Athletes receive monthly payments for as long as their sponsors allow Future Stars to handle their credit card processing. Unless stated otherwise in the Athlete/Sponsor Agreement, the athlete will be paid even if they leave their sport.

Q: How much money can an athlete make?

A: The short answer….The amount an athlete is paid is dependent on the credit card processing volume of their sponsors as well as their credit card processing rate. The more their sponsors collect in credit card transactions, the more the athlete will make.

The long answer….In the merchant services industry, we have Sales Agents and Referral Partners. A full time Sales Agent makes between 50-80% of the profits on their accounts. They handle the application process, onboarding the account, equipment order and install as well as servicing the account for as long as it exists. Referral Partners are people who send us potential new customers. They simply have a conversation with a business owner and submit their contact info. Referral Partners are typically paid 10% of the profits. But we’ve seen it as high as 20% on rare occasions. A Future Stars Athlete is essentially a Referral Partner but is paid 30-50%! Unheard of in the industry. Amateur athletes are paid 30% of the profits while pro athletes are paid 50%. We handle the application process, onboarding, purchasing and installing equipment/software, application/underwriting fees and servicing the account. 50% of the profits go to the Sales Agent, 30-50% goes to the athlete. Any funds that are left over go towards purchasing credit card processing equipment for sponsors, marketing, giveaways, series sponsorships or other business expenses (legal fees, accounting, website, etc.). Future Stars does not profit. We exist to help athletes create opportunities for themselves that they otherwise may not have had.